An online gift card shop increases sales and brings in new customers.


Online shop saves time and expenses compared to traditional handling of gift cards.


The customer can order a gift card anywhere in the world and get the gift card immediately online or by mail.


  • Buying made easy!

    Buying is easy and straightforward–it only takes the customer 2-3 clicks from choosing the product to paying. A simple purchase process is proven to increase sales! Payments are processed by your chosen payment service provider (Checkout, Nets, Paytrail, Lindorff). If your company does not have a payment service provider yet, we'll be happy to help you find one.

  • A shop with your brand, on your own site

    We will use your own brand and graphic design (headers, footers, colours, logos, contact information etc.) in the gift card shop to make sure that the shop feels as part of your own site and the customer will feel more confident making purchases. The url for the shop will be in the form so that also search engines can easily find your shop.

  • Redeeming gift cards

    We offer an easy-to-use browser based tool for redeeming the gift cards. An Android mobile app or POS integration makes life even easier. POS integrations are compatible with Kassamagneetti and Micros/Oracle products. The mobile app and POS integrations are extra services not included in the basic price.
    Tracking of gift cards is also made easy. No more cumbersome excel files or lists on paper!

  • PDF gift card templates

    With PDF deliveries the customer gets the gift card as a PDF file in their email. A PDF gift card is an easy way to buy a gift card–more than 70% of our gift cards are in PDF format making both your and the customer's lives easier! You can choose a PDF template from our ready-made options. We offer three different, popular templates, ready to be customised with your logo, colours and background images. As an extra service we offer fully personalised templates based on your preferences.

  • Collecting email addresses

    All buyers will be asked for permission for directed marketing during the purchase process. The email addresses can be retrieved with our reporting tool and you can use them for your marketing with your own email marketing tools.

  • Gift card debt: tracking, accounting and
    sales reporting

    Tracking gift cards and accounting reports are an integral part of the gift card shop. A gift card differs from a "normal" online shop product in three aspects: The customer does not receive a product when the purchase is made, but buys money which the company then owes to the customer. The sale happens when the customer uses the gift card and the debt changes to sales. An unused gift card can be moved to VAT 0% profits only when the gift card expires. This process is an important part of the gift card business. makes sure that these processes are properly followed–this is why all actions related to redeeming gift cards have been designed to be as simple as possible, and our reports provide accounting a chance to check the balance of the unused gift cards and expired cards with one click as well as print the relevant appendices for accounting. Selling gift cards can be easy!

  • Selling gift cards at the counter

    Not everything can be sold online. Not even all gift cards; some customers will still walk in to your establishment or call your sales. makes also your internal processes faster and easier, and helps you get rid of Excel sheets, because even direct counter sales and phone sales can be made in the same shop. The staff at your office can use the gift card shop just like a normal customer, but when they are logged in it's possible to accept payment at the cash register or send the customer a payment link by email. It's also possible to bypass payment completely if the gift card is given at your expense. The gift cards can be printed immediately or posted to the customer. Fast and easy!

  • Personalised gift cards

    Sometimes it's necessary to create a fully personalised gift card. The staff can create a card based on the customer's wishes, including for example a personal birthday greeting. The name, text, value and price of the gift card are all fully customisable.

  • Thank you email

    When the customer has used their gift card, the person who ordered it will receive a thank you email notifying the buyer that the gift card has been used. This email is useful for further marketing and a reminder for the buyer of your business.

  • Product specific delivery fees

    Roughly 30% of orders will include a mail delivery for the gift cards. Writing and posting the cards takes time and money, and it's possible to set a flat fee for mail deliveries in the shop.

  • Language options: Finnish, Swedish & English

    The default language for the gift card shop is Finnish. Other languages are offered as extra services, and at your request we can translate everything for example in Chinese. Note that also the product details need to be translated, so extra languages will mean extra work.


  • 15% of gift cards are never used

    Unused gift cards are a good thing. They can be marked as profits as soon as they expire. However, it would be even better if the customers used the cards and services and you had a chance to get extra sales. Think about what you could do if you could easily see the email addresses of the customers whose gift cards are expiring soon and were able to remind them...

  • 30% extra sales on average on top of the gift card value

    How often does a restaurant customer use only the value of the gift card? On average customers spend about 30% more than the original gift card value.

  • The gift card recipient is usually a new customer

    A positive experience is shared as a gift card to someone who is likely not familiar with your services. Gift card recipients are often new customers.

  • 70% of gift cards delivered as PDF–save time and money!

    More than 70% of our sold gift cards are delivered as PDF, making life easier for both the buyer and the seller! No envelopes, handwritten cards or posting.

  • Increasing the visibility of your restaurant online

    What can a restaurant offer online besides menus? Gift cards. Buyers and users will give you more visibility.

  • Buying gift cards anywhere, anytime

    It's easy to delight friends and family even a long distance away.

  • Get rid of Excel sheets takes care of validating, redeeming and tracking gift cards as well as accounting reports.

  • Growing your customer base

    Most of the gift card buyers and recipients can be added to your customer register.


  • Payment links

    As an extra service you get the option to send payment links which can replace gift card invoicing. You create the gift cards in our system and send the payment link to the customer, and they receive the cards when the payment has been confirmed. Paying with the payment link uses the same payment service as the normal gift card online sales.

  • Quotas

    The ability to define quotas for the available products lets you expand you business. Sell books, tickets or draw your customers to your gift card shop with special offers!

  • Price does not equal value

    The product price can differ from its value. Use this for effective sales campaigns: "Get a 40 euro gift card now with only 30 euros!" Remember that the average 30% extra sales makes the discount negligible.

  • Sales and validity periods

    The gift cards sales can be set for certain dates, for example: Jan 1st 2016 – Apr 30th 2016. It's also possible to limit the validity period to your preference - even just one day!

  • Customised gift card templates

    As an extra service we can customise your gift card template to look exacly as you want.

  • Multiple languages

    The default language for the gift card shop is Finnish. Other languages are offered as extra services, and at your request we can translate everything for example in Chinese. Note that also the product details need to be translated, so extra languages will mean extra work.

  • Training for product management

    Our service fee includes 2 product changes (texts, prices, images) per month. If you want to be more active in gift card sales, we offer an option for you to manage your products yourself. We will train you remotely to use the tools.

  • Adwords and Facebook campaigns

    Your customers will not find your website or your gift card shop without advertising. It's importat to inform the customers about the new gift card shopping option both on your website and in your establishment, but we can also help you get noticed online. With our 'entry level' online marketing campaign you get a flying start!

  • POS integrations

    POS integrations are compatible with Kassamagneetti and Micros/Oracle products. service fees do not include possible extra expenses for deliveries, installations or maintenance by cash register providers.

  • Locking expired gift cards

    Expired gift cards can be locked for accounting, so that their validity period can no longer be extended. This helps keep yearly accounting under control.


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